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James Rennell
First Surveyor General of Bengal


Scale: 1: 750,000
Author: James Rennell,Dury, Andrew; (Kitchin, Thomas); Robert Laurie & James Whittle
Date: 1794
Title: Composite: Bengal & Bihar
Publisher: London: Laurie & Whittle
Type: Composite Map


Survey of Bangladesh (SOB) is the National Mapping Organization (NMO) of Bangladesh. By introducing sophisticated hardware and software, it has enhanced its capabilities and efficiencies in many folds. As national geospatial topographical data repository, it is now heading for fully digital system in order to help all the government, non-government and private agencies in achieving the national aspiration “Digital Bangladesh”. Survey of Bangladesh envisages taking its product to the door-steps of common people. It also strives for improving surveying and mapping activities through close cooperation and coordination with the global communities.


Survey of Bangladesh (SOB) is the National Mapping Organization (NMO) of Bangladesh. As the NMO, it carries out Geodetic Control survey activities as well as establishment of Control points throughout the country. SOB conducts topographical survey and produces various types of maps, Geospatial data including topodata for nation building projects. Digital maps are produced for various purposes along with GIS data base. Survey of Bangladesh also controls all aerial photographs of Bangladesh and the lone custodian of Photograph/images. Besides these, demarcation of International Boundary of Hilly districts is another important function of SOB which is carried out jointly with bordering Countries. All basic survey works and infrastructures are established by SOB for nation building activities. Topographical Digital maps pave the way for Developing Digital Bangladesh.

         We hope that all users would use Digital map and Geospatial data of Survey of Bangladesh to participate in nation building activities. SOB assures and maintains accuracy and quality of all products for better results. Our trained and skilled Manpower endeavour to fulfill the requirements of users in the field of surveying and mapping.


Digital Topographic Data for Entire Bangladesh is being prepared

Survey of Bangladesh (SOB) has started making 1:25,000 scale topographic map for entire Bangladesh and 1:5,000 scale topographic map for divisional cities by digital mapping system. Under the Improvement of Digital Mapping System of Survey of Bangladesh (IDMS) project technically assisted by JICA, Bangladesh......(more)

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